About Us

Hello and Welcome!  

We are Pete and Cath O’Hagan and we moved to France from the UK in December 2016.  And we haven’t looked back!

For years we’d talked about a complete change of lifestyle.  A fresh start somewhere new.  We wanted to spend more of our time doing the things we enjoyed and that were important to us.   For us that meant more opportunities for creativity, to live naturally and sustainably and to be somewhere that inspired us.  And we wanted to eat and drink well and share our home and lifestyle with people who would enjoy it!

When we first saw our property in Armaillé we knew we had found just the place!  A characterful old house crying out for a bit of TLC and a creative touch to bring out its best features, and a fabulous garden looking over the river with plenty of space for us to both produce our own food and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Living in a village really appealed to us too.  We wanted to be part of our local community and to contribute to village life so learning the French language and about the French way of life is very important to us.

So here we now are living the life we dreamed of!

We keep chickens and ducks and grow our own fruit, vegetables and herbs.  We are experimenting with no dig gardening, permaculture and aquaponics.  And we cook delicious seasonal fresh local food for friends, old and new.

There is a great second hand culture here with all sorts or places where we are able to pick up not only furniture and curios but also building materials and fixtures and fittings.  We find lots of things that can be recycled, upcycled and reused which means that we are reducing our impact on the environment while creating a truly unique and beautiful space around us.

Much of what we do is new to us and we are having to do lots of research and learn new skills as we go along.  But that’s all part of the adventure!

We are very excited to be opening our Chambre d’hote for Spring 2019.  We love meeting people and making new friends and we look forward to welcoming you to Les Hirondelles, Armaillé .